is a creative consultancy studio that embodies the excellence in the field of visual research, persuasive pitch-writing, graphic design, motion titling for advertising, film and television.

Creative research & Pitch Writing

DOGMA provides a carefully selected team of scriptwriters and visual researchers who possess over ten years of experience in pitching ideas for advertising campaigns, TV series, as well as short and feature films. DOGMA expertise lies in elevating ideas and creating engaging pitch decks.

Treatment Design & Mood Films

DOGMA distinctive approach from initial briefing to final delivery produces custom-designed interactive treatments, as well as mood films. Each stage of the process is assigned to a dedicated professional, while oversight by the project manager and the art director ensures timely delivery and constant refinement of quality standards. 

AI Generated Imagery

DOGMA’s multidisciplinary visual artists possess the expertise to delve into all kind of image creation, utilizing traditional tools or embracing the AI revolution. Whether it's for agency decks, director's treatments, storyboarding, or production set design, these talented artists excel at creating original and compelling visual imagery for any creative concept that cannot be sourced online.

Motion Design & Film Marketing

Alongside their expertise in motion design, DOGMA offers a range of creative solutions for film marketing delivering compelling motion graphics and artworks for various mediums, including ads, TV series credits, music videos and film posters. With a strategic approach, DOGMA ensures that their designs are tailored to enhance movie promotion campaigns and enchant audiences.

DOGMA studio exists and operates as a virtual environment with its executive team located in central Europe.

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